Move FAQs

When are you moving?

We are moving Monday, May 29th. The last day to shop in the store and pick local orders is May 26th. Any orders placed between 5/26-5/29 will ship out on Tuesday, May 30th and Wednesday, May 31st.

Can I come shop in person at the warehouse?

No, we will not have open hours to the public. We will be holding some special events and/or you can book an in-person tealbox session.

Can I still do local pick up?

We will no longer be offering in store local pickup, but will be open Fridays from 10-3 for local returns/swap out for a different size if needed.

Why are you moving?

Our business model has changed and with so much growth on our online platforms, we needed a space where we can reach our fullest potential.

Can I come see your new space?

Not right away, we are planning to hold an event in early Fall to debut our new warehouse!